FMS 2+ is supplied with the following components:

  • FMS 2+ control unit
  • FMS/SFO: 1m fibre-optic cable with short ferule
    (optional FMS/LFO 1.5m long fibre-optic cable with long ferule suitable for interface with LD2/3 Leafdisc electrode chamber may be supplied at point-of-purchase for no additional cost)
  • FMS/PTL: PAR/temperature leafclip
  • FMS/LC: 10 x dark adaptation leafclips
  • 2 x leafclip adapters – closed and open-faced
  • Field-swappable battery system including:
    • 5 x 2.0 Ahr lead acid batteries
    • Multi-charger with mains power supply (power supply will not power the FMS 2+ control unit)
  • USB connection cable
  • USB drive containing ModFluor32 and Parview32 software and manuals.