Oxytherm+ Respiration Electrode Chamber | Hansatech Instruments | Oxygen electrode and chlorophyll fluorescence measurement systems for cellular respiration and photosynthesis research

Oxytherm+ is supplied in 2 versions; Oxytherm+R (Respiration) and Oxytherm+P (Photosynthesis). Each version is fitted with an advanced electronic oxygen electrode chamber with a specific feature sets to suit the intended purpose.

Both versions offer precision sample and sensor temperature control between 3°C – 40°C via an integral Peltier element. Chamber temperature is configured from within the OxyTrace+ Windows software with actual chamber temperature indicated on an LCD display mounted on the front panel of the Oxytherm+ electrode chamber. A tricolour LED indicates if the chamber is cooling (blue), heating (red) or at set temperature (green).

The reaction vessel of the Oxytherm+ electrode chamber is constructed from precision-bore borosilicate glass tube with a prepared S1 electrode disc forming the floor of the reaction vessel. The vessel is contained within an insulated block which is fitted with a Peltier element and a large heat sink. This combination allows Oxytherm+ to deliver precise, effective temperature control of sample and sensor without the requirement for a thermoregulated circulating water bath. Temperatures may be configured via OxyTrace+ software in 0.1°C increments anywhere between 3°C – 40°C.

The Oxytherm+ electrode chamber is fitted with a plunger with a central bore. The height of the plunger may be adjusted easily to suit liquid-phase sample volumes of between 0.2ml – 2.5ml whilst the central bore easily accommodates Hamilton-type syringes allowing additions/subtractions to/from the reaction vessel during an experiment. An optical port in the front of the chamber provides maximum visibility of the entire height of the reaction vessel allowing the plunger height to be easily adjusted to the correct height.

Oxytherm+R is perfectly suited to measurements of cellular respiration with its predecessor used widely all over the world in measurements of mitochondrial respiration. Oxytherm+R is fitted with a gas-tight version of the plunger.

The Oxytherm+P has additional functionality to provide optimum suitability for photosynthesis studies. 2 high-intensity white LED light sources are mounted against the outer wall of the reaction vessel. This provides uniform illumination of samples between 1ml – 2ml in volume up to 4,000 µmol m-2 s-1.

PFD light tables consisting of up to 20 individual light steps may be configured within the OxyTrace+ software for automatic execution during an experiment. Additional analysis tools are available within the software to automatically calculate quantum yield based on the measured rates of change during each light step.

A sliding shutter-plate allows the sample to be placed in full dark conditions for dark respiration measurement phases.