Special Issue of Photosynthetica 2020 in honour of Professor Reto Strasser

Hansatech Instruments are very pleased to be supporting the Special Issue of Photosynthetica celebrating the work of Professor Reto Strasser.

Hansatech Instruments will award a Pocket PEA chlorophyll fluorescence measurement system to one of the authors contributing a paper to this issue, based on citations made of that paper over the course of 24 months.

Professor Strasser’s career in photosynthesis research had its beginnings in his PhD at the University of Bern in 1968. He has made major advances in the understanding of chlorophyll fast kinetics, and is particularly associated with the JIP test and analysis of OJIP transients.

A collaboration between Professor Strasser and Hansatech Instruments led to the development of an advanced multi-function plant efficiency analyser (M-PEA), which offers researchers functionality for investigating prompt fluorescence, P700+ modulated absorbance measurements, delayed fluorescence (DF) and leaf absorptivity.

With this award, we are proud to further support the ground-breaking work that Professor Reto Strasser has undertaken, enabled, influenced and inspired.