Gas-Phase Oxygen Electrode Systems

  • Entry-level gas-phase oxygen electrode system for advanced photosynthesis & respiration studies

    • Convenient, entry-level system for the study of photosynthesis & respiration measurements in gas-phase samples under illumination
    • LD1/2 electrode unit suitable for leafdiscs up to 10cm2 cut from whole leaves, algae or moss etc
    • Oxygen electrode control & signal acquisition via Oxyview control unit
    • Illumination via LS2 high-intensity tungsten-halogen white light source
    • LS2 intensity adjustable by insertion of neutral-density filters
    • Oxygen signal output from Oxyview to recording device via 0V – 5V analogue output
    • Upper optical port allows uniform illumination from LS2 from directly above the sample.
  • Gas-phase oxygen electrode system for advanced photosynthesis & respiration studies

    • PC-operated USB Oxylab+ electrode control unit
    • LD2/3 gas-phase electrode chamber with dual water jacket for effective sample/sensor temperature control
    • LH36/2R LED light source (up to 750 µmol m-2 s-1) with automated control via user-defined PFD light tables
    • Suitable for gas-phase measurements from leafdisc samples of 10cm2
    • 24-bit high-resolution measurement of oxygen signals
    • Integral systems for measurement of auxiliary signals with 16-bit resolution
    • Onboard LCD readings of oxygen & auxiliary signals
    • 2-channel capability via purchase of additional systems
    • QSRED sensor for light source calibration
    • OxyTrace+ Windows® software for data acquisition, hardware control & data analysis
    • Realtime 0V – 4.5V analogue output of oxygen signal.


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