Minimal size, maximum performance

The CIRAS-3 is designed with the high-level field researcher in mind. Its small size makes it the most mobile photosynthesis system of its kind, alleviating the need for assistance or tripods.

The innovative design of the CIRAS-3 utilises its small system volume to ensure faster equilibration as well as the most rapid and accurate measurements available. Faster measurements allow the user to expand the parameters of their research and use their time and resources efficiently. Check out the size and weight of the CIRAS-3 console and leaf cuvettes and you will quickly discover why smaller and lighter is better.

Fast response, fully mobile

The location of the CIRAS-3’s IRGAs (Infrared Gas Analysers) in the main console — right next to the internal gas mixing system and flow control — allows the CIRAS-3 to provide an ultra-fast response to changes in “reference” gas, and the fastest and most accurate mobile photosynthesis measurement available. IRGAs in the console makes the entire system highly portable, not to mention the added protection from dirt, dust, and debris commonly found in and around a leaf cuvette.

Packed with power

Sound system electronics coupled with powerful Li-ion battery packs allows operation of the CIRAS-3 system for up to 12 hours. An important element of field work, you will find our batteries allow for a much longer duration of time in the field as well as eliminating the need to swap out batteries.