Full Environmental Control

Environmental control

The level of environmental control in the field with the CIRAS-3 is unsurpassed. The CIRAS-3 offers complete, independent and automatic control of CO2, H2O, temperature, and light for response curves (i.e. A/Ci curves, light response, etc.) with fast time response. Control over all environmental parameters can be dynamic or pre-programmed for automated response curve generation. All power required for environmental control is provided by the internal rechargeable Li-ion batteries (no external power supply is required).

CO2 control

Unlike some systems, automatic CO2 control is standard with the CIRAS-3. Our innovative, integral gas blender and regulator mixes pure CO2 provided by mini CO2 cartridges (8 g) with CO2 free air to provide a very accurate, stable, continuous and constant flow of CO2. Each CO2 cartridge is capable of providing up to a minimum of 12 hours continuous use. It is very easy to change out cartridges and there is little to no maintenance required for the CO2 gas blender or regulator.

CO2 control range: 0 µmol mol-1 – 2,000 µmol mol-1

H2O control

On-board, self-indicating desiccants are used for conditioning the H2O concentrations per user-selected intervals.

H2O control range: 0-Dewpoint

Measurements above ambient are also easily achieved.

Temperature control

Automatic, accurate and stable temperature control is standard and integral with all leaf cuvettes. Peltier elements are mounted to the head along with heatsink and fans for precise control of temperature over a wide range. The user has the ability to disable temperature control, track ambient or to control at a set temperature.

Temperature control range: ~10 oC below ambient to 15 oC above ambient
Ambient temperature limits: 0oC – 45oC


PP Systems - CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System
Desiccants for Zero and CO2/H2O Control
CIRAS-3 back panel featuring CO2 cartridge holder, gas and electrical connections and desiccants for instrument zero and CO2/H2O control.

Light control (optional)

Automatically control both light intensity and proportion of light by wavelength.

PP Systems - CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System

All leaf cuvettes can be supplied with an optional, compact LED light unit for automatic control of light. Each light unit features a bank of red, green, blue and white LEDs (RGBW) allowing for control of both light intensity and proportion of light by wavelength.

Light control range: up to 2500 µmol m-2 s-1 (depends on light unit type)

Wavelength (RGBW)

  • Red peak wavelength: 625 nm +/- 5 nm, FWHM: 15 nm
  • Green peak wavelength: 528 nm +/- 8 nm, FWHM: 40 nm
  • Blue peak wavelength: 475 nm +/- 10 nm, FWHM: 28 nm
  • White wavelength: 425-650 nm