PC control from Modfluor32 Windows® software allows real-time trace plotting as a chart-recorder emulation with calculated parameters written to a text parameters window. Instrument features and parameter measurement routines are selected from a toolbar with drop-down menus to control file handling and instrument configuration.

Modfluor32 Software for FMS Pulse-Modulated Chlorophyll Fluorescence Monitoring System | Hansatech Instruments | Oxygen electrode and chlorophyll fluorescence measurement systems for cellular respiration and photosynthesis researchComplex experimental protocols may be automated to reduce repetitive work by developing scripts using an iconised script editor which allows a sequence of control functions and measurements to be developed into a protocol. Once created, scripts may be executed directly from the Modfluor32 program and data viewed while the instrument automatically completes a user-defined experiment. A maximum of six scripts can be downloaded to the instrument’s internal memory for operation without a computer.

The connection of an optional external battery to FMS 1+ (FMS 2+ is supplied with batteries) enables portable operation with data stored to instrument memory for subsequent upload and full graphical presentation on the computer.

A further application is also included with the FMS 1 and FMS 2+ chlorophyll fluorimeters. Parview32 is a stand-alone utility designed to allow easy upload and transfer of multiple parameter files to a spreadsheet type program.