M-PEA+ is a custom Windows® software package created for experimental design and deployment and comprehensive analysis of recorded data. M-PEA+ consists of 2 main elements:

M-PEA Protocol Editor

The protocol editor allows the creation of experiments for deployment on the M-PEA system. Experiments can range in complexity from a simple 1 – second prompt fluorescence measurement through to repeating, multi-flash measurements using prompt and delayed fluorescence, P700+ and relative absorptivity to probe the activity of PSI and PSII complexes within the photosynthetic apparatus.

Data Analysis Modules

Several different data presentation techniques have been combined in order to effectively demonstrate subtle differences in the fluorescence signature of samples. Data may be presented in graphical, tabulated or radial plots which can all be tailored to display any number of the 58 prompt fluorescence parameters measured by M-PEA. Transferred data may be exported to CSV format for further statistical analysis in external software packages.

M-PEA+ will run on all supported Microsoft® operating systems.