PEA+ is a multi-function Windows® program supplied with Pocket PEA and Handy PEA+ for system configuration, data acquisition and post-measurement analysis.

Several different data presentation techniques have been combined in order to effectively demonstrate subtle differences in the fluorescence signature of samples which could be indicative of stress factors affecting the photosynthetic efficiency of the plant. Data may be presented in graphical, tabulated or radial plots which can all be tailored to display any number of the 58 parameters measured by both Pocket PEA and Handy PEA+. Transferred data may be exported to CSV format for further statistical analysis in external software packages.

PEA+ allows enhanced configuration of the Handy PEA+ via the Protocol Editor feature. Protocols may be defined to include single or multiple-measurement assays with optional pre-illumination periods which can then be uploaded to the memory of Handy PEA+ via USB communications. The use of protocols ensures maximum reproducibility of results during field applications involving large-scale screening away from a laboratory environment.

PEA+ will run on all supported Microsoft® operating systems.