FMS/LPC Liquid Sample Chamber

FMS/LC Liquid Sample Chamber

  • Allows measurement of liquid-phase samples.
  • Samples may be dark-adapted prior to measurement.
  • Can be used with or without magnetic stirrers for sample mixing during measurement.
  • Multiple chambers increase sample throughput potential in screening protocols.
  • Compatible with both FMS-300 and FMS 2+ chlorophyll fluorometers.

The FMS/LPC liquid sample chamber extends the functionality of the FMS-300 and FMS 2+ chlorophyll fluorometers to allow chlorophyll fluorescence measurements to be made on liquid-phase samples. Suspensions of different species of algae and cyanobacteria are held in 4.5 ml spectrophotometer cuvettes which are, in turn, inserted into the FMS/LPC chamber. A swivel-action lid to enable samples within the chamber to be dark-adapted. Using multiple chambers means that multiple samples can be dark-adapted simultaneously prior to measurement.

A lateral optical port allows the fibre-optic cable to be inserted into the chamber so that the tip of the fibre-optic is in direct contact with the outer wall of the sample cuvette. Samples with a minimum optical density (O.D.) of 0.1 can be measured with both slow and fast fluorescence kinetics presented following every saturating pulse event.

Sample chambers are compatible with the Hansatech Instruments magnetic stirrer (FMS/MAG) or existing magnetic stirrer plates so that samples can be mixed during the experiment.

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