Oxygen Measurements

Hansatech Instruments Ltd Oxygen Electrode Measurement Systems are based around the S1 Clark type oxygen electrode disc. The oxygen electrode systems featured on this website are configured to allow studies within a wide range of applications in cellular respiration and photosynthesis research. The systems are divided into 2 categories.

  • Liquid-phase Oxygen Electrode Systems

    For the measurement of oxygen evolution or uptake from chloroplasts and other suspended plant photosynthetic materials (micro-algae etc.) and oxygen consumption by various components including plant roots or various plant or animal cell suspensions including mitochondria respiration studies. These may be effectively monitored using different combinations of modular items that together form compact, user-friendly systems for research applications or teaching.

  • Gas-phase Oxygen Electrode Systems

    For the measurement of oxygen evolution or uptake within a sealed sample chamber. The sample chamber is designed to accommodate 10cm2 leaf discs which are cut using a special leaf disc cutter. However, any sample type such as root sections, lichens, mosses, conifer needles or small seeds may be used.

Please browse through the range of oxygen electrode measurement by clicking through the categories listed below.

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