Technical Support




The Registered Users support section provides access to current versions of software and product manuals.

To access our Technical Support System, please register your instrument on this website.

Once registered, login to the website opposite using your new Username and Password. You will be then be redirected to the Registered Users section where you can access all relevant support sections including manuals and software updates.

Logged in users will also be able to navigate to the relevant support pages from main menu items that are only visible whilst logged in.

If you are a registered Hansatech Instruments Distributor, please register on the Distributors Registration page.

Alternatively, please complete the support request form below and a representative from Hansatech Instruments will contact you to assist.

Technical Support Policy

  • Purchasers of Hansatech Instruments products can be assured of ongoing support and prompt and efficient attention to enquiries at all times
  • All products supplied by Hansatech Instruments are guaranteed for 12 months from the time of dispatch against manufacturing faults or defective materials
  • The guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse or unauthorised attempts to repair
  • If difficulties are experienced with the equipment, please contact Hansatech Instruments for technical advice
  • If necessary, equipment may be returned for repair/replacement during the warranty period. No charge will be made for parts/labour under warranty but we reserve the right to charge for customs clearance and return carriage if appropriate
  • If the product was purchased via a distributor, please contact them for advice in the first instance
  • For repairs outside of the warranty period, either contact Hansatech Instruments directly or, if the product was purchased via a distributor, please contact them for advice in the first instance.