Our product range covers a wide range of applications covering photosynthesis and cellular respiration research using the following techniques:

  • Oxygen electrode measurement

    Clark type polarographic oxygen sensors mounted in a range of oxygen electrode chambers and connected to either manual or sophisticated computer operated oxygen electrode control units are used to measure oxygen evolution / uptake in liquid or gas-phase samples during photosynthesis / cellular respiration studies.

  • Chlorophyll fluorescence measurement

    Two types of chlorophyll fluorescence measurement system for both field and laboratory based studies are available from Hansatech Instruments. Continuous excitation chlorophyll fluorescence systems allow measurements of fast fluorescence kinetics (Kautsky Effect) from dark-adapted samples whereas pulse-modulated chlorophyll fluorescence systems allow non-invasive measurement of samples in ambient environmental conditions.

  • Chlorophyll content measurement

    The measurement of chlorophyll content using dual wavelength optical absorbance provides an indicator of photosynthetic activity relating to the nitrogen status of the sample. This is particularly significant in plant growth programs where the effects of fertilizer addition to a crop may be closely monitored and managed.

  • PP Systems

    In addition to our own product range, Hansatech Instruments are also the exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland for PP Systems range of products and accessories for measurement of photosynthesis, CO2 and H2O gas analysis, soil and net canopy flux and vegetation reflectance.

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