Support Tickets

The Support Ticketing System requires you to be a registered user and logged into this website. If you have not already registered your Hansatech system, please do so by completing this form. You will need the model and serial number of the instrument you wish to register.

Once registered and logged in, all your previous support tickets will be listed below. You may submit a new support ticket by clicking the “Submit new ticket” button below.

You will also be able to access our Support FAQ’s page.¬†Many enquiries we receive with oxygen electrode systems relate to a zero, drifting or over-scaled signal. In many of these cases, the issues can be diagnosed with a few simple checks. Therefore, please take a look at some of the more commonly received technical support questions on the Support FAQ’s page prior to submitting your support request.

In all cases, please complete the support ticket providing as much details as possible to describe the problem as this will help our support team in trying to find and diagnose the issues more efficiently.