Continuous Excitation Chlorophyll Fluorescence

A continuous excitation fluorimeter is designed to measure the Kautsky Induction or Fast Chlorophyll Fluorescence Induction (Kautsky and Hirsch, 1931*).

The chlorophyll fluorimeter uses focussed, high intensity light from red LED’s to induce a fast chlorophyll fluorescence response from a dark adapted sample. Continuous systems require the use of a special leafclip system. This is a multi-purpose tool which provides dark adaptation for the sample (required for the measurement of maximum photochemical efficiency), defines the measurement area on the sample and prevents ambient light leakage into the highly sensitive photodiode used by the instrument for chlorophyll fluorescence detection.

* Kautsky, H. and A. Hirsch (1931). Chlorophyllfluoreszenz und Kohlensäureassimilation. Naturwissenschaften, 19, 964.

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