DW2/2 Electrode Chamber

Liquid-phase electrode chamber

  • Electrode chamber designed for simultaneous oxygen/chlorophyll fluorescence measurements
  • Black acetal construction allowing simultaneous fluorescence & dark adapted respiration assays
  • 4 optical ports allow connection of one or more LH11/2R LED light sources or A8 fibre-optic cable
  • Simultaneous fluorescence studies with FMS fluorimeters using appropriate interface adapter
  • Variable-volume reaction vessel between 0.2ml – 2.5ml
  • Base-mounted S1 oxygen sensor forming the floor of the borosilicate glass reaction vessel
  • Water jacket for effective temperature control of the sample.

DW2/2 Overview

DW2/2 Electrode Chamber | Hansatech Instruments | Oxygen electrode and chlorophyll fluorescence measurement systems for cellular respiration and photosynthesis research

The DW2/2 electrode chamber has been developed specifically to allow simultaneous spectroscopic and oxygen flux measurements. The reaction vessel of the DW2/2 is constructed from precision-bore borosilicate glass tube with a prepared S1 electrode disc forming the floor of the reaction vessel.

Precision temperature control of sample and sensor is delivered via a concentric water jacket with suitable connection ports for a thermoregulated circulating water bath. The water jacket is constructed from black acetal which provides the ability for dark adaptation of samples or oxygen measurement in complete darkness. There are four optical ports mounted perpendicular to the reaction vessel at right angles to one another. The LED1 LED light source supplied with the Chlorolab 2+ system fits directly into any of these ports for uniform and high-intensity illumination of the sample. Light sources, fibre-optic light guides and detectors may be interfaced via the ports on the DW2/2 enabling spectroscopic measurements to be made.

DW2/2 is fitted with a plunger with a capped central bore. The height of the plunger may be adjusted easily to suit liquid-phase sample volumes of between 0.2ml – 2.5ml whilst the central bore easily accommodates Hamilton-type syringes allowing additions/subtractions to/from the reaction vessel during an experiment.

Technical Specifications

  • Suitability: Liquid-phase photosynthesis/respiration
  • Construction: Black acetal
  • Sample chamber: Precision-bore, borosilicate glass tube
  • Sample volume: 0.2ml – 2.5ml (1.5ml min. for illumination)
  • Plunger: Variable-height, capped central bore
  • Temperature control: Water jacket connected to circulating water bath
  • Optical ports: 4 x optical port with 16mm diameter
  • Dimensions: 105mm x 65mm
  • Weight 400g.

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