OXY/ECU electrode conditioning unit

  • Accessory for Oxygraph+, Oxytherm+ & Oxylab+ oxygen electrode control units
  • Allows measurement of other analytes such as hydrogen & nitric oxide
  • User-selectable polarising voltages over the range -1200mV to + 1200mV in 100mV steps
  • Fully automated disc plating procedure converting an oxygen electrode for hydrogen measurements.

The OXY/ECU accessory for Oxygraph+, Oxytherm+ and Oxylab+ based systems allows for more system flexibility by providing user-selectable polarising voltages over the range -1200mV to -600mV and 600mV to 1200mV in 50mV steps. This provides for the measurement of other analytes such as nitric oxide at -800mV.

OXY/ECU also fully automates the plating procedure which converts an S1 oxygen electrode disc to a platinum black/silver chloride electrode capable of hydrogen measurement in either liquid or gas-phase when reverse polarised at +700 mV.


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